01 August 2009

knocking on death's door

Well this has been a loooooong week. All day monday I was in the hospital with a severe headache that I finally succumbed to after 2 weeks. I got an IV and some morphine, which was the best part, cause I finally got some relief. After that I got a CT Scan, which came back clear (no bleeds!) and a lumbar puncture, which was the worst part of the day. I actually had two medical students doing the procedure under the supervision of two doctors and a nurse and Kyle. Kyle actually had to leave the room for some water, because he thought he was going to pass out. I think it's safe to say that when we do decide to have kids, that I will be on my own during labor! The lumbar puncture came back clear, so no bleeds! I was sent home with hydro-codeine and anti-inflammatory. The next few days actually got worse. I couldn't even stand up I was in so much pain. I attempted to go to work on Thursday, but ended up pulling over and Kyle had to come get me.

I went to the doctor again yesterday and she said that I had a lot of swelling and redness in my nose and fluid in my ears. So she has me on some steroids for the inflammation and antibiotics for any infections. She wants to start simple to see if that is the problem and wants to check back up on me in a week. I've done a full day on the new meds, and I am already feeling better. The dark circles under my eyes are starting to fade and I do not look so pale. I was literally looking like I was knocking on death's door, and I certainly felt that way. The "edge" of the headache has subsided and I actually have some energy. I have been awake since 4 a.m. and I am not 100% sure what that is all about, but I have been resting a lot lately. My mom almost flew out here, and to be honest I almost let her! No one can take care of me as good as her, Kyle is a very, very close second. I am pretty pathetic when I am sick, and I think he gets annoyed! :) Thanks for all the thoughts and prayers!

Kyle is still doing well in school! His average in class is about a 99.6%, which is still amazing! I am very proud of him! He just started the hardest division and he is feeling a bit nervous about it, he thinks he might fail, but I know and anyone who knows him, knows that failure isn't an option for him! Just so he feels better, everyone say your prayers and keep your fingers crossed!

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